How To Block Ads on Android With Lucky Patcher


Block Ads on Android

Block ads on Android is a very common and asking solution among every Android users. Because, every Android user faces irritating ads when they use the internet. In this modern world, almost every person using the internet to do their daily life activities. From the watching movie and download songs, they pay their bill, ordering food, doing office work, reading books and newspaper and so on. The world is most dependable on the internet today. That’s why industrialist, companies and organization using the internet as a platform to reach their commercial messages to those users easily.

Nowadays, they are providing digital advertise rather than physical advertise. Digital advertisement is beneficial for the companies and advertisers, but sometimes it’s annoying for the users. When you use the internet, you might face advertisement of every company on every website and android apps. We know that, this is very annoying for you. It is necessary to provide ads on the internet for making some earnings from those ads, but sometimes it becomes a headache for users when they are focusing on something important. That’s why users want to block ads on their Android phone. According to the recent statistics, there have more than 50% (fifty percent) users use mobile phone to use the internet. Most of them are Android user.

At present, mobile phone users prefer Android phone due to the freedom of its customization and friendly interface. For that reason, App developer builds their App for Android phone to catch the eyes of Android users easily. This is also very helpful for advertisers to target audience for their advertisement. More than 51% of the people of the world can use internet and 99% of them do not like ads. They all want to block ads on Android phone.

Is It Possible to Remove ads from Android Apps, Games & Browsers?

When we talk about ads blocking on Android phone, then we have to know whether we can remove ads from Android or not. Generally, Android does not allow to remove ads from our Android phone. Because, they don’t want to neglect advertisers. But, if you root your Android phone and use our recommended app, then surely you can remove those annoying ads from your Android phone. You can find so many ads blocker app on the internet like AdBlock Plus. But they have some limitations. They can only work on a limited number of website & apps. If you really want to block ads on your Android phone, then we have the best solution for you.

There is available an app named ‘Lucky Patcher’ for Android. You can use this app to stop showing ads on your Android home screen, lock screen and any kind of apps & games too. This app is highly capable to block ads on Android devices.

Lucky Patcher Apk Download (Android Ad Blocker)

Lucky Patcher is a specialized app which has so many features. Such as it can hack games, block ads, purchase premium apps for free & so many things. But now we will consider it as an Android ad blocker app. Maybe you don’t know that Google Play Store don’t appreciate to use Lucky Patcher on Android devices. Because it is completely damaging their business. So that they also rejected it on Google Play App Store. Even they consider it as a hacking app. But don’t worry! Actually, Lucky Patcher is not such kind of harmful app. You can download it from various external sources. You can also download Lucky Patcher Apk from here.

Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher Apk Download

How to Block Ads on Android with Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is one of the best and popular app for Block ads completely from an Android phone. Generally, this app requires root to use. But, there have so many limitations when you will use this app without root. If you want to get the full control of this app, then surely you need to root your Android phone. But you can block ads without rooting the device. Before you use this app for blocking ads on your Android phone, you need to know more about this amazing app. This is not only an ad blocking app. It is more than that. You can crack any app by using Lucky Patcher. Here the best thing is Lucky Patcher is completely safe for use until you get a malware filed apps. That’s why we provide you an actual and a safe Apk file which is free to download.

Now, we will discuss about how you can remove or block ads by using Lucky Patcher. Follow the step by step guidelines which is given below:

#1 Firstly, we need to download the latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk. So, click on our download link and download the latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk.

#2 Once you download the latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk, you just click on the install button and install it. After completing the installation process simply open this app.

#3 Now it will ask you for grant Super User permission. Simply allow this.

#4 Now you can see a list of installed apps on your displayed screen. Select the desired app from which you want to block ads.

#5 When you click on the app, a drop-down menu will be displayed with so many options.

#6 Click on Menu of Patches.

Menu of Patches Lucky Patcher
#7 Click on Create Modification Apk File option.

Create Modified Apk File Lucky Patcher
#8 Again, you can see a pop-up menu, on the screen. You have to click on APK Without Google Ads.Remove Ads LP

#9 From the next menu, you just have to click on Rebuild the App option and wait for the process to finish.

Rebuild App Lucky Patcher
After finishing that process, you will get a confirmation message on your phone.

Ways to Remove Android Ads Without Root

You can generally use this app without root of your Android phone. But when you want to get its complete features you must have to root your Android device. By following our above process, you can use this amazing app without the root permission on your phone. There are also various ads blocking app available on Google Play Store. You can remove ads without root using those apps. But they are very limited to blocking ads. Most of the time, those Android ad blocker apps are only for blocking ads on browsers.


Lucky Patcher is the most popular and dependable app to block ads on Android phone. This app has a world-wide recognition. Android users, who is facing the annoying app on their Android phone, they can use this app to remove those ads from their android device. It’s a safe and dependable app to block ads on Android smartphone.

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