How to Root Android Phone Without PC / Computer


How To Root Android

How to Root Android is a common question of major Android users. Android is the most customizable operating system in the world. And this is the most used operating system in the world. Millions of users use the Android phone for so many features like, low price, customizable, easy to operate and many more. But there have some reasons, for what Android users feel themselves restricted. Nowadays users are not satisfied with limited features of their smartphone. They want unlimited things on their phone. They want to use their phone for their every task. They want thousands of experiments with their Android device. But Android is a limited version of operating system, which cannot fulfill the unlimited desires with the small operating systems device.

For that reason, we are here with an ultimate solution. If your phone does not permit you when you want to do some digging or some different which is out of the horizon of the Android operating system, then you should read this article. From here, you can change your limited version Android phone to an ultimate version. By which you can feel you are using a more than Android phone. You can root your Android phone. When you buy your Android smartphone, the Android developer restricted their operating systems for some certain reasons. That’s why you feel restricted, when you operate your phone.

Rooting will unlock all the restrictions of Android. When you are using your Android phone without root, you cannot feel independent. You just feel restricted. Rooting your phone is the only answer to remove those restrictions from the Android. By rooting your phone, you will be capable of modifying software code, system application and settings, over-clock or under-clock the processor, replace the firmware and many more things.

What is Android Root?

Android root is a system of remove restrictions from the Android operating system. Manufacturer impose some restrictions on the Android operating system when they manufacture Android Smartphone. For those restrictions, Android users cannot use their smartphone. Users can change their device only up to a certain level, which already selected by the manufacturer. But todays users want more than they have. They want unlimited features on their Android phone. ‘Android Root’ is an ultimate and proven solution of these problems. Rooting is a process, which remove all the restrictions imposed by the developer. This is not a fair decision to root your phone according to Google. Google does not support it. But for fulfilling all the desires of users, root is the ultimate solution.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Android Root

Android Root


As we mentioned earlier, Google does not support of rooting Android phone. Google says it could be harmful for your Android device. There has some reason to consider this process as harmful, but there have so many reasons to select this process as beneficial. You will be surprised when you know that, you will be able to do so many things by doing some simple steps. Let’s know the Advantages of Rooting Android Phone:

  • Complete customization of every essential part related to your phone appearance. You can modify your system software and software code, you also can change system application and settings.
  • Download apps from anywhere. Manufacturer set some restrictions over down process. By which restriction, you will not be able to download any apps from your desired source. By rooting your phone, that restriction will be removed. So, you will be able to download any apps from anywhere.
  • You can remove your pre-installed apps. When we buy our phone, we can find some app already been installed called system app. Sometime those apps become annoying. But you do not have any permission to remove those apps from your phone. By rooting your phone, you can remove those apps easily.
  • Also can install incompatible app. Though these apps could be harmful, but those apps are very useful.
  • Will able to block annoying ads in apps. When we use internet, nearly all the apps show some ads, which is very annoying to watch. By rooting Android phone, these annoying ads can be blocked.
  • Can increase your custom ROM.
  • Boost the battery life and add performance.
  • You also be able to edit or delete system files.
  • You can update your Android phone with the latest version even the device is no longer supported by the manufacturer.


In the above, we have seen so many opportunities to root of our Android phone. But there have so many disadvantages of this system. If the Android root could make your device more advance, then there have so many chances to make your phone footless. So, we also should have known the disadvantages of Android Root.

  • When you root your Android phone, your device warranty will void. Because, the manufacturer does not support you to root your phone.
  • If you failed to successfully root your phone, your device will turn into a useless thing like a brick. So, do more research about Android root and then apply that process into your device.
  • After rooting your device, your security could be vulnerable. Because, you have broken the main security imposed by the manufacturer.
  • Because of rooting, your installed app could be disabled.

How to Root Android Phone Manually Without PC / Computer

By following our next instructions, you will be able to root your Android device successfully. But, there have some requirements before you start to root your phone.


  • The device should be fully charged.
  • Backup your phone’s current ROM.
  • Enable USB debugging & OEM unlocking options.

How To Root Android Phone With KingRoot [Step by Step Guide]

  • Download the Kingroot Apk.
  • Install KingRoot on your Android device.
  • After completing the installation tap to the icon on the launcher menu to start the app.
  • Tap into ‘Start Root’ to start the rooting process.
  • When the procedure has successfully done, you will see a big green tick on the screen.

Conclusion – Enjoy Your Rooted Android Device

By rooting your Android device, you will be able to use your phone to do some amazing task. You cannot even think what can you do after root your device. So, Root your Android device and use this device as restriction free.

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