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Lucky Patcher App

Lucky Patcher is a revolutionary app for Android users. Literally an Android user uses so many apps in his/her smartphone. But any of them do not have any control over those apps. Yes, this is absolutely true that, we do not have any control over those apps we have installed. We can not control to show ads on those apps and we also can’t use those apps as we want. In recent days, app purchasing problem annoys us. Which is very troublesome. Purchasing problem means, there are so many apps in the app store which we can’t use until we purchase from the developer or google.

Nowadays, we can’t use our desired app due to those reasons. It is the age of technology. At present we all want to go beyond our horizon. But, for our smartphone, we just grab the name of smart not in uses. If we do not have any control over our smartphone, that is not truly smartness. Now we want to take every control over our smart phone. We want to use our smartphone as we want. We all want to control both options and apps in the smartphone.

So, there is an amazing and extraordinary app on the internet called Lucky Patcher, which is a solution of all those existing problems. We can consider this app as a boon of our Android smartphone. Lucky Patcher is the only app which is capable of giving the full control over any apps and any options of a smartphone. This app can control anything like, annoying ad shows on our apps, purchase verification control and many more. Its have so many fantastic and amazing tools which we can use to do any experiment with our installed applications.

We play so many games in our Android phone where we need so many coins, points, tools, weapons and so on which we can get after finishing any certain mission. That is very hard and difficult. By using this app we can easily get those coins, tools, weapon without finishing any certain missions. That will give us the full control over our smartphone and installed apps. At present we need some premium app to do any certain task. But we cannot use those apps due to any restrictions. We have to purchase those applications from the developer or from google. Sometimes we do not have enough money to buy or sometimes it’s difficult to purchase due to their complex requirements. This app will help us to download those premium apps for free.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk?

Lucky Patcher is a hacking app for Android users. Mostly it is popular among those users who want to get the full control over their Android phone. It is also a very needy app for crazy gamers, who want the full control over their installed. At present, so many games become popular among Android users, where the developer does not provide full control to use whole tools, coins, weapons existing in the game. They charge a certain amount of money or force to watch any video to get those coins, tools and weapons. Developers earn a lot of those annoying options.

Game fans who want those tools and coins by heart are confessing to developer’s options. So, this app will release you from those annoying options. By using this app game player can easily get whole coins, tools, weapons as they want. Lucky Patcher can block any kind of annoying advertisement show on the installed app, can block purchase verification, it can bypass license verification, modify app permission and many more. This app requires root access on your Android phone. Without rooting your Android device, you can use this app on your phone but cannot enjoy some certain tools.

This is a hacking app, it can hack or modify any kind of installed and system app without charging anything. That’s why Google Play Store does not include it. Because, its not the official app of google. Google does not permit you to use this app on your smartphone. That’s why it requires root permission. By using this app after rooting, it will take Android using experience to the next level. The great thing is, this app will provide you unlimited options for using this for totally free. Yes, you read absolutely right. This app is totally free for Android users. Even you can enjoy its premium features without paying anything. You just need the root permission. Maybe you do not know that, how to root your Android phone, you can follow the instructions of XDA- Developers Forum.

You can find many more Android apps like Lucky Patcher. But no one will provide the similar kind of services like this app. Other all apps need to purchase from their developer’s. That means most of them are chargeable. They cannot conduct this kind of modification like Lucky Patcher. You also can block the license verification option using this app. That means when you are downloading any paid or premium app, you can use those apps for free by blocking their license verification option. You can modify or root unmodifiable games like- Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Hill Climb Racing, Rail Rush and many more by using this app.

This app is programmed to bypass the Google’s credit checking system. You can easily use any kind of paid app without actually paying anything. You can block annoying ads from games. Because, when you are playing your favorite games, those ads look very odd on your screen. So, using this app you can play your games without any interruptions. This app works well on the rooted device and if the Android version of 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) you can use it very easily and comfortably. It does not consume so many storages of your Android phone. It comes with only 6.5 MB. Google considers this app as a virus. But it is not any kind of malicious app. It is not harmful for your Android device when you use it carefully.

Lucky Patcher Apk Latest Version Free Download

Lucky Patcher Apk

AppLucky Patcher
Downloads1 Billion+
Size8 MB
Last UpdateApril 28, 2020
Required Android Version4.0 & up

Lucky Patcher Apk Download

As we mentioned earlier, this app is not recognized by google. That’s why you can’t find this app on Google Play Store. Google considers this as a virus. But, literally its not a virus. Because, its not get any kind of malware virus on it. If you want to download this amazing app, you have to download this from any third-party website. You also can download the latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk from our site. You can find the download link at the end of the article. From where you want to download this app, that site should be trusted. Because, at present most of the site provide malware filed Apk file, which is harmful for your Android device. So, many users ask us about, how we can download this app? Is this app safe for our device? Is this app doing any illegal act?

So, we can ensure you that, this app is totally safe for your Android device if you download this from a trusted source. And this app is not doing any illegal act. It’s just making our troublesome task easy. And you can download this app from our site. If the process download is complex for you, then this article will help you more. In this article we provide the latest version of Lucky Patcher Apk. And provide the tutorial on how you can download this app on your Android device. By following our instructions, you can easily download and use this app. So, follow our instructions, which are given below. And download this amazing app on your Android device.

Features of Lucky Patcher

free to use

Free to Use

As we mentioned earlier, this app is totally free for the Android users. This app won’t charge you anything for using it. You just need to root your Smartphone and fulfill other requirements to use this app. This is the main features behind the millions of users of this app.

No Ads

Remove Ads

Many of Android users are facing this annoying problem. When you are using any of your installed apps, you have to face so many irrelevant ads. It’s become more annoying when you are playing any game. This is very troublesome for gamers. For that reason, Lucky Patcher here to help you. You can Block any kind of ads by this app. Follow our another tutorial by which you can block ads on Android with Lucky Patcher.

Game Coins Gems

Get Unlimited Coins/Gems on Android Game

As we have said, this app can root or modify any kind of game. Most of the Android users play games on their phone. In that game they need so many coins, Gems, Weapons and many more things. Those tools they cannot get easily. After finishing some mission, they can get some of those tools. By using this app, gamers can get more gems/coins as they want.


Manage App Permission

Some apps and games ask permission when we install them. We should not install those apps which want unwanted permission. If you need those apps badly, you can block or manage those permissions by using Lucky Patcher.

In App Purchase

Purchase Paid Apps for Free

If we want to purchase premium or paid app, those ask for payment. As we mentioned this app Lucky Patcher will help you to get those apps for free. By using this app, you can use any kind of paid app without paying anything.


Bypass License Verification

When we download any paid app. Google and the app developer verify the license in many ways. They want to make sure about our payment. Lucky Patcher will help us to bypass license verification of paid Android apps.

Move App To SD Card

Move App to SD card

This app requires minimum 10GB of Internal Storage. So, you have to move your all app to the SD card.

System App

Convert App to System App

If you want an app to be installed permanently, then it is only possible by converting it to system app from general app. When you convert an app to system from general, it will be moved to your device and can’t be uninstalled. Lucky Patcher Will help you to convert any app to system app from general app by rooting your phone.


Backup Important Files

If you want to take any file at a safe zone, you can use backup option. By using that option, your important files will be saved at a safe zone. If your device gets format you can recover your files. For using that backup option, you need to root your device. Lucky Patcher Will help you to modify your device and backup your important files.

Requirements for Installing Lucky Patcher App on Android

  • Root (Optional): Firstly, you need to Root your phone. Rooting is optional when you want to use this app generally. If you want to enjoy its premium features, then you must have rooted your device.
  • RAM: This app required a minimum 2GB of RAM of your device. If you do not have this space, you cannot enjoy this app on your phone.
  • Internal Storage: If your phone has little space for internal storage, you are not able to download and install this app. Because, this app requires minimum 10GB of internal storage. So, if you want to enjoy this premium app for free, you need to get those features on your phone.

If your Android device fulfills all of those requirements, then you are capable of downloading this app. Now you can download this app from our site. So, let’s follow our instructions to download and install Lucky Patcher on your phone.

How To Install Lucky Patcher Apk on Android Phone?

#1 Firstly, you need to download this app. You can download this app from any trusted sites. You cannot find this app on Google Play Store. So, you need to rely on other, third-party sites like ours. If you rely on our site, you can download the latest version of this app from our site. You find the download link in the article. Click on the download link and get the original file of Lucky Patcher Apk. If you are not able to download from that link, you can try from others link, that we provide.

#2 If you have successfully downloaded this app, now you need to change your device settings. You need to enable the Unknown Source option from the settings. Because, if you do not enable this option, your Android device won’t permit you to install this app on your device, the main reason is this is not an official app of google. To enable unknown source, you need to enter on the settings option then go to security. There you can find this option. Tap on that option to enable.

allow unknown sources to install app

#3 When you have successfully enabled the unknown source option, you will get a popup. Which is related to the security. Now click on the settings to enable ‘Allow from this source’ option. Then go back.

#4 If you enable that option successfully, you need to back on your phone’s local storage, where you have saved the actual file of Lucky Patcher. Tap on the Install button to install on your device. After clicking on the install button, you need to wait until the installation process has finished.

Installing Lucky Patcher

#5 Now you will get a warning on the popup like- ‘Blocked by Play Protect’. You do not need to worry about this. Because, this warning will show by the google, you can use this app to modify any app, stop the verification process of google, and so on. Google does not want you to do such types of modification. That’s why they show that warning.

Lucky Patcher Blocked by Play Protect

#6 Now click the down arrow, you will get the option ‘Install Anyway’. Click on that button. Now wait a few minutes to complete the full installation process.

#7 After finishing the installation process, now you are able to enter into this app and use it successfully.

Lucky Patcher Installed

Disclaimer for Lucky Patcher Apk

As we mentioned earlier, this is a hacking app. And google considers this as a virus. So, you need to use this app carefully. We are suggesting this app for only educational purpose. If you do any misuse of this app, it is totally your responsibility. Our authority will not bear any responsibility for your misconduct.


In this article we have discussed about an amazing app called Lucky Patcher. By using this app you can get a control over your smartphone. You can do so many amazing things like- block any kinds of annoying ads, bypass license verification, convert general app to system app, Get unlimited coins/gems/weapons of the game. The great thing is these all features are totally free for the Android users. So, do not wait. Download this amazing app and enjoy its fantastic features.

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