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PUBG Mobile Apk

PUBG Mobile Apk is the most top-rated and popular Android game in the world. The full form of PUBG is ‘Player Unknowns Battle Grounds’. If you ask me to choose the best Android games ever, I will choose PUBG without any doubt. PUBG Mobile is one of the best multiplayer games I have ever seen. Not only that, with the multiplayer gaming feature, it’s also has the voice chat and messaging option on it, which makes this game unique than others. If you play this game for the first time, you can feel that, so many unique and amazing feature take it to the next level. There are millions of users downloaded this game all over the world. This article will help you to know about the PUBG Mobile Apk, if you do not have enough knowledge over this Android game.

This is the royal battle games in the world, where you will play as a soldier. You can feel yourself as an army & will discover yourself in the battlefield when you will play this game. You can feel that, you are engaged in a war, where you will fight for surviving yourself. This game is so much more realistic. That’s why will be addicted to this game. When you start this game for the first time, you will be found yourself on an island with other 99 other fighters. You have to keep fighting until the very end while killing others. You need to survive till the end. This game has four maps- Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok & Vikendi. Each of the map will give you different playing experience than each other.

So many users have some question like, from where we should download this game? Does this game is safe for our Android phone or not? Is it charging anything extra to use this App? We can ensure you that, this game is totally safe for your Android phone. Because, Google includes this game into their App store. And from this App store naming Google Play Store you can download this game. We all know that Google Play Store is the most trusted source of Android Apk. Another great thing is this game does not charge anything extra to use this.

What is PUBG Mobile Apk?

As we mentioned earlier, PUBG Mobile Apk is the most popular and top-rated battle game in the world. This game has so many unique features on it unlike others. This game is a multiplayer game. Where we can play battle with our friends. We also can play with unknown players by connecting with Facebook. We also can add our friends to play with us from the Facebook. When we install this app, they will provide a unique ID or name for us. By this name we will be recognized. People will recognize us by this ID or name on the battlefield. When you start to play this game, you will play the role of a soldier. And you will find yourself in the war field. Where you are a soldier who trying to survive himself and killing others.

This game will give four types of map, by which you can play in the different field. But they will not provide you four maps as a whole. Firstly, just one map will be allowed to play. On the first map, you have to fulfill so many missions. After finishing all of those missions they will provide you those other maps. You also can use voice chat option to communicate with other players. And can send and receive short messages. This game is available in the Google Play Store under ‘Battle Royal’ category. It’s also available in the iOS app store. In this game you will find out so many weapons, buildings, vehicles and so on. Its visual effect is so realistic which will make you addicted and take your gaming experience to the next level.

You can play in two modes like- Arcade mode and Zombie mode. These two modes are available on those four modes. You also can play in several types like- fast past 4v4 team, Deathmatch and zombie modes. So, play the game until all the soldier being killed and be the one.

PUBG Mobile Apk Free Download for Android

pubg mobile apk

GamePUBG Mobile
Downloads10 Billion+
Size41 MB
Last UpdateMarch 23, 2020
CategoryRoyale Battle Game
Required Android Version4.3 and up

PUBG Mobile Apk Download

Users who are concerned about the download process of PUBG mobile Apk can follow this article to get a clear information about this app. We can ensure you that the PUBG mobile Apk is free for all Android users. You can download this app from the Google Play Store. It’s also available in the iOS app store. There have so many Android users who ask us about- Is that app free or charge anything and this app is safe for the Android smartphone or not? From this article you can clearly understand that, this app is totally safe to download and use by your smartphone. And this app will not charge anything for downloading and using.

Users who are totally new to download and play this app, for them the download process is little bit complex. Because, sometimes occur a lot of error while you are downloading from the Google Play Store. Mostly this error occurs when 50% to 60% download have completed. It is not mandatory to show occur for every Android version. When you are running the latest Android version like- Android 8 or Android 9, then you will be able to see the error message. But if you follow our instructions, we can ensure you that, you can download PUBG mobile Apk successfully. So, let’s start to download this amazing Apk.

PUBG Features 2019

There have so many unique features on PUBG mobile Apk unlike other battle royal gaming app. When you are playing PUBG with your Android mobile then its features become full of fantasy and surprise. Listing all those features are not possible, especially with a single post. That’s why we manually select some features to describe. Those features we have selected for the description, these are basically unique than others. So, lets know about some amazing features of PUBG Mobile Apk.

Free Android Game

Free Android Game

We have already mentioned that; this game is totally free for Android users. And this game does not charge anything extra to use this app. Not only that, the game is totally free, it does not show any kind of ads. There have so many multiplayer gaming apps like- UC pack for out lifts, gun skins need to purchase from the developer. But this app is totally free. You do not need to pay anything extra to the Google or its developer.


Unique Gameplay

This game gets ‘Battle Royal’ mega tags in its name. That’s means this tag claims it as unique than others. In this game they will throw you in an island by a parachute. They will throw another 99 players along with you. Then you just need to survive yourself from others and killing them. So, you need to survive until all the player have died. If you die earlier you will be distracted from the battle. There always have a one-man army situation which will make you more excited and addicted to this game.



This game is also popular as a multiplayer game. Here you can play with other players. You also can add your friends from Facebook to this. You can make your team with your friends and play a battle with others. Other gaming apps does not permit you to add your friends to the game and play with each other.


Live Chat & Messaging

This app allows you to communicate with other players by voice chatting and messaging. You can send & receive voice call and message while playing. Not only your teammates, you also can communicate with your opponents. This feature you can use to plan with your teammates and create any strategies to win that battle. This feature is missing in others royal battle gaming apps. In other apps, they do not include this feature. Only PUBG mobile Apk has added to this feature on their game.


Different Island

As we mentioned earlier, this app will provide you four maps naming- Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok & Vikendi. Those are different from each other. On those islands, you have to face a different kind of vehicle, building, weapon and places. They won’t provide you both islands with together. Firstly, they will provide you just one island, where you have to complete so many battles. After finishing those battles, you will be eligible to enter other islands. Otherwise, they will not allow you to enter other islands.


Arcade & Zombie Mode

If you are bored to play the classic model of this game, then you can play the arcade or zombie mode. Zombie mode is the latest edition of this app. Here you need to kill zombies rather than players. It is sure that, both modes are impressive and highly addictive.

In every three months PUBG developer adds a new season, where you can find new rewards, weapon, island, mission, and so on. Features of PUBG are never ending. That’s why we just include some best features of PUBG mobile Apk.

How To Install PUBG Mobile Apk on Android?

We are pretty much sure that, while you come so far from reading this article, you eagerly want to download and install this app on your smartphone. Firstly, you have to know that the PUBG mobile Apk demand some special features on your smartphone to use this. Such as, high quality graphics and processor. So, if your smartphone has those features it wants, then follow our instructions.

  • First of all, you need to enable the ‘Unknown Source’ option on your phone. Because, when unknown source option remains disable. Your phone does not permit you to install this app. So, go the Settings and then enter in the security option. Here you will find out the ‘Unknown Source’ option. Enable this option. When the green light on beside this option, that means this option have enabled. But if you download it from Google Play, then you don’t have to enable the unknown source option.
  • Once you successfully enabled that option, now you need to download PUBG mobile Apk file on your phone. You can download this Apk from Google Play Store. But if you do not understand their instructions or their instructions is complex for you then you can download this Apk from our site. You will find the download link at the above in this article.
  • When you find the actual download option of PUBG mobile Apk, then, tap on this option to download. And wait until the download process finish.
  • Once the download process has finished, that means you have successfully downloaded this app on your phone. So, now you are able to install this app. Tap on the install button and wait until the installation process have finished. Installation process consumes many times to complete. Because, PUBG mobile Apk need approximately 1.5 to 2GB of data to download. So, do not close the installer until the download and installation process has completed.
  • Once you have successfully completed the installation process, that means you are ready to enjoy this amazing game.

Play PUBG Mobile on PC

If we want to install & play PUBG mobile Apk on PC. Then we have to know that, PUBG does not run on the PC. Computer need an Android emulator to play PUBG on PC. Though there has a few Android emulator on the internet, but every emulator does not capable enough to run PUBG Mobile on PC. There have some performance issues and other supporting accurate key mapping which cannot maintain every emulator. We will recommend you the ‘Tencent Gaming Buddy’ emulator, which can successfully run PUBG mobile on PC without any hitch.

Conclusion – Best Battle Royale Multiplayer Game for Android

PUBG Mobile Apk Gameplay

PUBG mobile Apk is top-rated royal battle multiplayer game. This game has so many amazing and unique features on it. You can communicate with your friends by voice chatting and text messaging. This game has different types of island where you can get different types of experiences. The great thing is, this game is totally free to play. So, download this amazing app and enjoy.

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