How To Remove License Verification of Android Apps


remove license verification android apps

Remove license verification a common problem for every paid app. We all know that Google Play Store is an app house for Android users. There are millions of app you can find in the Google Play Store. Most of them are free to download and use. There is no problem to download and use of free app. The problem will raise when we will talk about the paid and premium apps. Google Play Store has accumulated all kinds of apps for the Android users to download freely. But when it comes about paid apps! You have to pay money for purchasing those paid apps. You can also download those paid apps for free from various online sources. But the main problem is license verification when you get those paid apps for free.

This is the system of checking of the app maker or google whether you paid for those features of the app or not. Sometimes you need to use an app urgently but you do not have enough money to get that paid app, for that reason you can not buy this app for fulfilling your urgency. That’s why in this article we will discuss about an amazing app naming Lucky Patcher, which you can use to remove license verification of Android apps. By using this app, you can use any kind of paid app for free. Because, you can remove license verification of app maker and google by using this app.

In this article you can learn about, what is Lucky Patcher? How to remove license verification by Lucky Patcher? How to download and use paid app for free? So, follow our instructions and enjoy your desired paid apps for free.

What is License Verification of Android Apps? Why Do You Need to Bypass Verification?

android apps verification

License verification is the process of checking whether the users paid for the app or not. App maker and the Google will verify your account to ensure that you have paid for the app. Because, almost every paid app has come to the Google Play Store with the license verification system. Google will check you by checking your current google account you are using in your smartphone. And they will also check your last payment history to check your license. If they can ensure that you paid for their premium app, there is no problem to face. But if they can’t verify or can make sure that you do not have paid for the app, then you won’t be able to use that app without paying it to Google Play Store.

The Lucky Patcher app will stop the checking process of purchase license by removing license verification of Google. That means you will be able to use any kind of paid app freely. You also can enjoy premium features of those apps for free. That’s why we need to remove license verification process of Google by using Lucky Patcher.

Is it Possible to Remove License Verification of Android Apps?

Basically, we can’t use any kind of paid app for free. Because, the app maker adds so many premium features for the paid users. They do not allow to use their app for free. That’s why legally we can’t ignore the license verification of Android Apps. But, if we use any third-party app like Lucky Patcher, we can easily remove license verification of Android Apps. So, it is possible to remove license verification of Android Apps unethically.

Requirements For Bypass Verification of Paid Android Apps With Lucky Patcher

There have so many prerequisites which you need to ensure for your smartphone before you install the Lucky Patcher and start of proceedings of license verification process. You need to have those following requirements for bypassing license verification by Lucky Patcher.

  • Rooted Android Device: Without root your smartphone you won’t be able to use this app to your phone and also you can not remove a license verification system of google. That’s why you need to root your phone first.
  • Lucky Patcher App: This is an amazing app, which will help you to remove a license verification system of your Android apps. So, you need to download Lucky Patcher. Then you are ready to go.
  • Premium Apk to Remove License Verification: Get any kind of a premium app of which you want to stop or remove license verification. And install to your Android smartphone.

Once you have fulfilled all mentioned requirements, then, you are ready to go for the remove license verification by following our next steps.

Steps To Bypass License Verification of Android Apps

  • Firstly, you need to open Lucky Patcher app on your smartphone. Now give necessary root permission to it. After providing necessary root permission to it you can see SuperUser pop up on your phone. There has an option naming ‘grant’. Click on that button and now you are ready to roll on.
  • Now, on the home screen Lucky Patcher app you can see the list of all installed app on your smart phone. From those apps you need to find the paid app, of which you want to remove or stop the license verification process.
  • Tap on the paid app, you will see an option naming ‘Open Menu of Patches’. Click on that option.

Menu of Patches Lucky Patcher

  • Now you will see another option naming ‘Create Modified Apk’ to roll on.

Create Modified Apk File Lucky Patcher

  • In the ‘Open Menu of Patches’ option you can see different kind of patches available and supported in the app. To proceed to the next stage, you need to click on ‘Remove License Verification’ patch. Now you are proceeding to go next stage.

apk without license verification with lucky patcher

  • Now, you can see so many options for removing license verification. If you have enough knowledge to select the actual license removal method then choose your option. Otherwise, you need to select Auto-Mode to remove license verification system automatically. Then click on ‘Rebuild the App’.

select auto mode lucky patcher

  • After completing this process, you can see some green colored and some red colored messages. If you see the green colored success message, then you have successfully done this process.
  • Now you are able to use any kind of paid app for free.


The Lucky Patcher app is an amazing app. Which works in so many ways. Remove license verification is the most popular and helpful feature among them. Lucky Patcher app users can also block ads on Android apps by using this app. You can use any kind of paid apps for free by removing license verification by Lucky Patcher app.

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