How to Schedule Downloads on Android


Schedule Downloads on Android

Schedule downloads on Android is an important asking term on the internet. Because, users are now facing a big problem about download an important file at any specific time on their Android device. It seems to be a usual problem, but it’s become difficult when we try to overcome from this problem. If you are looking for the ways to schedule downloads on your Android phone, then, we can say we have got the proper solution of this problem. In this article we will provide some guidelines about ‘how you can schedule your download list on your Android phone easily’. If we search for the solution of this problem, then, we will find out so many Android apps in the Google Play Store. But every user is confused about the best one which will actually work.

We will suggest a best Android app among them, which will really work to schedule your downloads on your Android phone. Before that you should know that why you need this app on your Android phone to schedule your downloads. When you use your mobile data, that cost higher than Wi-Fi connection. For that reason, most users do not download any big file by mobile data. When they have restricted to use their mobile data to download any big file, they select a cheap mobile data pack for a day or some days. But this is a very troublesome task for Android users. Which we want to solve in this article.

Ways to Schedule Downloads on Android

Here we will discuss about an amazing app named ‘Advanced Download Manager’ (ADM). We will provide all information about the Advanced Download Manager app. You can learn about how to download Advance Download Manager on android device & how to use it (step by step). By using this app, you can save your money and time as well.

Advanced Download Manager Apk [Schedule Downloader for Android]

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is the most popular app for Android users. You can download any types of big file by this app easily. Not only that, you can choose various types of download folders and segregate those folders according to the types of file. Advanced Download Manager (ADM) has so many amazing and unique features on it, which makes it the most powerful schedule Downloader than other apps. Advanced Download Manager (ADM) can download 3 (three) big file from the internet at one time. You also can download files which were failed due to any reason from the resume part. Its interface is very clean and friendly to use. Those users can easily use this app whom are totally new on this interface. It is very easy to manage and you can sort of your downloads file by name, size or types.

adm apk
Schedule Downloads on Android

ADM Apk Download

This app will also allow you to resume, pause and restart of your downloaded files. Advanced Download Manager (ADM) provides a widget on the home screen to keep your eye on the downloads. This app will save your valuable internet data and your time. You can pause your downloads when your data is lower than your download file. You also can resume those downloads when you repurchase your data. This app will provide those facilities without paying anything extra charge more than your download files. Recently, we have reviewed ‘SnapTube‘. By which app you can download any online videos on Android.

How to Schedule Downloads with ADM App on Android Phone

In this section you will instructions about how to download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) on android phone (step by step):

  • First of all, you need to download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) from Google Play Store which is the most popular and trusted source of Android apps. You have to search on Google Play Store by Advanced Download Manager (ADM).
  • Once you have got the file from Google Play Store. Then, you need to click on the Install button to install this file on your Android smart phone. This very simple to use and open on your phone.

Open ADM App

  • After finishing your installation process, you need to add a download link on this app. You can add those download links to this app by clicking or tapping on the plus ‘+’ button. Without adding your download link you can not start your download process by this app. After adding your download link, you can start your download one by one.

Add Download Link on Android

  • Now, you need to pause your download to schedule your download list. You can pause your download by clicking on the name of the file.

Pause Download ADM

  • After pausing your download, you need to swipe from left to right to go to the settings. When you have reached to the settings you will find a planning option. Where you can set your schedule of your download.

Schedule Downloads With ADM Apk

  • When you get the planning option you need to click on download files to select the start time and stop time. Once you add your download files with their starting and end time, you can start your download by your schedule.

By following these above ways, you can find and download an amazing and popular schedule Downloader on your phone. And now you can start download your desired files by the Advanced Download Manager (ADM) easily.


In this article we have tried to share information about most popular and amazing schedule download manager for android phone naming ‘Advanced Download Manager (ADM)’. By using our instructions, you can easily schedule your download list. In the above, we have said about the download process as well as the maintenance process. We use picture for your better understanding. If our provided instructions are not clear to you, then, you should follow our images to make yourself clear. Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is capable to download several big files simultaneously and continuously unlike other app. It also allows you to pause, resume and restart your download which features you will not find in any other apps.

For your kind information, we want to ensure you that this is the only download manager app which has mostly downloaded from Google Play Store. So, why are you waiting for? Get this amazing app and enjoy download by your schedule.

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