ShowBox Apk Free Download (Watch Movies & TV Shows)


ShowBox Apk Free Download

ShowBox Apk is the most popular and top-rated video streaming app in the world. We all know that there have thousands of video or movie streaming app like NetFlix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc in the internet. But, some of them need subscription fees and some need extra charges for their premium features. We can ensure you that ShowBox Apk is the most entertaining app which allow its users to watch any kind of movies or TV series for free. ShowBox Apk is also allowed to use its premium features at totally free of cost. You can watch unlimited hours of movies, TV shows, Reality program for free of cost. When you can’t watch those videos for your busy schedule or any other reason, you can download these videos from this app. Once we use our Smartphone just for sending and receiving calls and SMS.

But nowadays mobile or smartphones become a package of all things like, camera, music player, Television and so on. At present we capture picture from smartphone instead of camera, listen music by phone rather than mp3 or other player and we also watch movie by its. Smartphone becomes a mini laptop in our pocket. That’s why mobile become an integral part of our life. For that reason, Android App maker becoming also smart like the Smartphone. They are also trying to provide so many features or services by an individual app. ShowBox Apk is one of the smart apps in the world. Because, its provider or maker also creates this app with so many features.

You can stream videos, download videos, you can find so many categories to select your desired videos. When you will visit on this app, you can find so many video categories on it. Here they contain Tv serial, reality shows, movies in different categories.

What is ShowBox Apk?

ShowBox Apk is the most popular and top-rated video streaming app in the world. It allows its users to watch unlimited hour movies, tv serials, reality shows for free. Probably it’s an accumulated form of all video streaming app exist in the world. Where other apps charge for their premium features, there ShowBox Apk provide its all service at free of cost. It’s no needs any extra charge, but it needs just high internet speed. Another thing is this app shows some ads, but you should compromise a little to watch a latest and brand-new movie or TV shows for free. Although, we have a tutorial to block ads on Android apps. It has also become a top-rated and popular free movie streaming app available in the internet.

Surely, there have so many movies streaming apps you can find out on the internet. But ShowBox Apk is the totally different and unique free movie streaming app for its amazing and unique features. You can watch unlimited hour movies, trailer, TV serial, TV shows here. It is no doubt that, our digital life progressing at a rapid pace. That’s why we do not have enough time to watch our favorite TV shows or movies at a particular time. And it is also hard to find out all of our favorite and desired TV shows and movies in one place. ShowBox Apk here to fulfill your all needs by an individual app. If your schedule does not permit you to watch movies on a particular time, you can save or download that movies or serial from this app.

This app has popular video content, which will make you more entertained. Those features are more amazing than other apps on the internet. This app is available on almost all platforms, like Android, iOS, Linux etc.

ShowBox Apk Latest Version Free Download

ShowBox Apk

Size40 MB
Last UpdateMarch, 2019
CategoryMovie Streaming App
Required Android Version4.0 and up

ShowBox Apk Download

If we compare this app with others, this is much easier to download and install than other video streaming app. But, first of all you need to find out the latest version of this app from a trusted website. At present, ShowBox Apk 5.35 is the latest and the trending version on the internet. But it is very hard to find out and download from the internet. You can trust our site and can download the latest version of ShowBox Apk from our site. You can find the download link above. In this article we will also cover the all steps of the download and install of ShowBox Apk. So, let’s start.

ShowBox Features 2019

We already have mentioned that, the ShowBox Apk is filled with features. This app contains so many unique features unlike other apps. We are quite sure that you are eagerly waiting to know about the details of the features of ShowBox Apk after knowing about this amazing app. We want to ensure you that ShowBox Apk has so many impressive features on it. Those features will improve your overall video streaming experience. So, let’s check out those amazing features.

free to use

Free to Use

We already mentioned that, this app is totally free to use unlike other apps. You have no need to provide any extra charge to use this app. Even this app allows its users to watch unlimited videos, movies, TV shows for free. There have no restrictions to watch videos, movies, and TV shows by using this app.

app user interface

Friendly User Interface

The ShowBox Apk user interface is so friendly. Any users who use this app for the first time will not face any problem to recognize any option. They segmented their video category by popularity and trend. You can easily find and select your favorite video category to watch. You also can find the latest and trend videos easily. The video downloading process is so simple and easy of this app. They have nicely organized their all options. You do not face any kind of problem to use this app.


Unlimited Movies & TV Shows

There have thousands of videos, movies and TV shows in the ShowBox Apk. But No limit to watch and download videos. There have so many users ask some question like- Can I watch videos on ShowBox Apk? Can I download this? Can I search for this particular video? For your kind information we want to say that, you can watch and download videos from ShowBox Apk. And you can find out any kind of video you want. Because, its database of video contents is huge. We can mention this as an unlimited database of videos. You can easily get your desired videos from here.


Watch Offline

If you are not able to watch its videos due to your busy schedule, then you can save your video as offline to watch this later. They are always working for customer needs. They want to provide all kinds of services you need. That’s why they include offline video watching feature on it.

Full HD

Full HD Stream

There have another best feature in ShowBox Apk is HD streaming. This app allows its users to watch unlimited videos in HD. You can choose the video quality or format you want watch. That means if you have enough internet data, you can watch and download videos of HD quality.

video download

Download Videos

The latest version of ShowBox Apk added download option. By this option users will able to download their desired and favorite videos. Not only that, this app is providing this service with the offline support. This option will help you to save your internet data. Because, you do not want to use more data to watch a same video twice. You can download that video instead of watch more and more of a single video.

Auto Update

Auto Update

ShowBox Apk have the auto update option. By that option this app will get updated from its own. Because, older version contains so many bugs. That’s why this app will get updated when the new version will available in the internet.

How to Install ShowBox App on Android Phone

We have already tried to show the download process oh the ShowBox Apk. If you properly follow our instructions the you can easily download the actual Apk file of this amazing app. After downloading this app, you need to install on your smartphone. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy those amazing features of this app. Now we are describing the installation process of ShowBox Apk. So, follow our instructions step by step carefully.

  • First of all, you need to go to the location where you save or downloaded the Apk file to start the installation process. Now, go to your local storage on your phone and find out the Apk file of ShowBox app.
  • After finding that Apk file, you need to click over the ShowBox Apk to prepare the installation. When you click over its Apk file, it will ask you for accepting their terms and conditions. You can see their all terms and conditions one by one. Then click next.
  • Now, you can see the install button. To complete the installation process, you need to hit on the install button. After clicking on the install button, you have to wait some moments until the installation completes.
  • After completing the installation process, click on the open button to enter on this app and explore those amazing features of this app. Or if you want to explore its features later then just click on the done button.
  • If you open the ShowBox Apk for the first time, then it will load some related data to shows and movies. And if this app asks you for the update then you can update this application for its smooth and clear functioning. It is necessary to update your older version app. Because, older version app contains bugs. Update your older version app. That will make sure about the bug-free movie experience.
  • When the data have completely loaded. You can see an authentic list of movies and shows that you can download or watch whichever you want.

Furthermore, using ShowBox Apk is not easy. Many of users facing so many problems to operate the ShowBox Apk. It can show so many errors like- videos not available, try another server, server down error, ShowBox can not show this video and so on. There have so many steps by which you can diminish those errors, but stopping possibility of those errors is not guaranteed. These error states that that video you want to play is no longer on that region. You cannot ask for Google. Because, it is not an official app permitted by Google. That’s why they do not include this on the Google Play Store. But if you want, you can always try VPN services. For the VPN service you need to follow our next instructions.

  • First of all, you need to download a VPN server. You can download any kind of VPN, but we recommend you to download Opera or Turbo VPN.
  • After that, you need to open the server and connect this to the US server.
  • Now you need to clear your cache memory and data. So that, you need to go to the settings option, then click on ShowBox then go to the local storage option and clean the cache memory and data.
  • Restart your phone and enjoy the videos you want to watch.

ShowBox Alternative Apps

There have so many alternative apps of ShowBox Apk. The list of ShowBox Apk have given below:

  • Moviebox
  • Thop TV
  • Playbox HD
  • Sli
  • ng TV
  • Meg
  • abox HD
  • Fox Movies
  • Popcorn
  • Time
  • Hul
  • u Movies
  • Teatv
  • Prime Video
  • Tubitv
  • NetFli
  • Cybe
  • rflix TV

Is The ShowBox App Legal & Safe?

If you are confused about the legality of this app. We can ensure you that, this app is illegal, but safe for your Android smartphone when you download this from a trusted source. Truly, you can not download this app from Google Play Store which is the most trusted source of the Android smart phone. Because, it is not an official app on Google Play Store. You need to download this app from other third-party website or other trusted source like ours.

You can download the latest version of ShowBox Apk from our site. Download from any unknown sources that you can’t trust can be harmful for your smartphone. Because, most of the third-party website provide malware filed Apk file in the name of actual Apk. Many of users lost their trust after downloading malware filed Apk file from a third-party website. You can trust us, because we always provide actual and malware free Apk file. Although in the view of ethics & legality, it is unethical & illegal to watch copyrighted movies for full free.

If you need any proof, you can see our other posts. It is really hard to find an actual Apk file of this app. We have collected the actual Apk file this app, and we will also let you know about the installation process of this app. In this article you can get so much information about this amazing app. Like, how you can download this app from our site. How to install this on your smartphone, is it safe for your smartphone or not, how to use this app and so on. For your easily understand, we have used so many pictures about the download and install process of this app. So, we can ensure you that, this app is safe for your phone if you download this app if you download this app from any trusted and top-rated website.

Conclusion – Enjoy Unlimited Movies & TV Shows With ShowBox Apk!

In this article we have discussed about an amazing, popular and top-rated videos streaming app naming ShowBox Apk. This app has so many unique features which make it unique than others. You can watch here any kind of latest movies, TV shows, Reality shows and so on. We also have discussed about its download and installation process. So, follow our instructions to download this app and enjoy its amazing features.

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