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TikTok Apk

TikTok Apk! Are you looking for an amazing app for short video video? Then TikTok is that kind of great platform for videos. There are thousands of unique videos & intelligent content creators is available. You can find there a ton of videos to watch & share. TikTok app allows its users to create videos like others. Users also can edit their videos with its free music clips. TikTok app also has thousands of music clips like pop, hip hop, romantic, emotional, rock & many more. Which could cover the choices of users of all ages. As we said above that TikTik apk allows of its users to edit their videos with music clips, they also provide many emoji and funny face filters to make their videos more cheerful. If you think those features are not enough for your video content, then TikTok also providing more 50 (fifty) beauty effect for Android users. Content creators who are totally fresher and looking for platforms to start their career, TikTok can be the best platform for them.

TikTok Apk Free Download for Android

TikTok App

Downloads500 Million+
Size73.5 MB
Last UpdateJuly 16, 2019
CategoryVideo App
Required Android Version4.1 and up

TikTok Apk Download

We want to ensure you that this amazing app is totally free for you, which is totally different from other video sharing apps. You can watch thousands of videos here totally free. Making your own video is also available to you! This app is more demand full app for its many features. So, you want to get this app installed on your Android device? Here, we share the TikTok Apk download link. Simply download it & enjoy its cool features. This app is available on Google Play Store also to download for free. But some country like India blocked it on the Google Play Store. But don’t worry about it! You can download TikTok App from here. Our source is also completely safe to download & install TikTok on your device.

What is TikTok App?

what is tiktok

TikTok is a short video sharing app which supported by IOS and Android. TikTok has launched in 2017 by a Chinese company named ByteDance. Before that ByteDance was launched, Douyin was launched in only china market. In 2018 TikTok app becomes more popular and most downloaded app in the United States. After getting more world-wide recognition it has been opened for another 150 countries in 75 languages. TikTok app has created a revolution in the video content sharing sector. Before this app is invented, no app can create any impression like TikTok. TikTok was formerly known as musical.ly. Then the authority has changed its name to TikTok. Although the features remain same. It still allows to share a short video up to 15 seconds.

TikTok is not an ordinary platform for sharing short videos, it is more than that. Here we can think beyond our horizon and create more creative and unique content as we want. As we mentioned earlier, this app is providing more amazing features like emojis (over 100), stickers, funny filters and beauty effect to make our videos more cheerful. There have thousand of music clips, over which we can perform. By using this app million of users are showing their talents, uniqueness and creativity with others. If you want to capture your funny and memorable moments and edit those moments with music clips and beauty effects then TikTok is the best platform for you. Their music playlist is very rich. You can choose your favorite music clips from the playlist and add to your videos. TikTok can adapt your choice quickly and offer you most relevant videos.

TikTok Features 2019

free to use

Free to Download & Use

As we mentioned earlier, TikTok app is totally free for you. You can download this app and make your TikTok account without paying a single penny. You can use your phone number or email to make your unique identity. They will provide you a unique user name related to your e-mail address and phone number. Not only the account, its total features are totally free for you.

video content creator

Amazing Platform for Video Content Creators

TikTok is totally different from others video sharing app. Its amazing features make it totally unique and different from others. TikTok users can capture their videos with their ordinary camera and can use those features to make them amazing. This is an incomparable platform for talented & unique video content creators. Because, going viral on TikTok is not a big deal. Android users are allowed to use special effects, music clips and stickers to their videos. If you are not a video content creator on TikTok, then you can pass your time amazingly by watching other’s videos.

magical video editor

Magical Video Editor

TikTok is just not an app of video capturing, but it’s a video editing app. You can bring magically change your ordinary video by using their amazing effect, sticker and music clips. TikTok apk has a free editing feature which allows you to easily crop, cut, merge and duplicate your videos. You can be a unique creator like others by using those tools. Day by day it is continuously updating its features with fresh and new designs.


Emoji, Effects & Filters Collection

TikTok apk accumulate a huge collection of amazing emojis, effects & filters. Its users are allowed to use those features to make their videos more creative and cheerful. TikTok has more than 100 emojis and 50+ beauty effect, sticker and music clips are available for its users. TikTok is continuously enhancing their features and effects. It’s become a Funhouse to its users. To maintain its current popularity TikTok is inventing & concluding more useful features and effects. Incessantly TikTok becoming an entertainment hub for its users.


Social Media Sharing

All over the world, peoples are using TikTok as a social media platform. TikTok users are creating their own videos and sharing in other social media. Not only that, when its user wants to create an account on TikTok they are also able to use their social media account on it. So that, they can share their favorite videos on social media. TikTok apk have featured the easiest way to share videos on social media.

video download

Download & Save Videos

TikTok app is providing the download features on it. By using that feature, users can download their favorite and desired videos easily, which is different from others video sharing app. Because, others video sharing app like YouTube does not conclude the download feature on it. That’s why their users use other third-party app to download their desired videos, which is very painful. TikTok users also can save their favorite videos in their profile in their busy schedule and later they can recall these videos and watch. This is an amazing & a popular feature of TikTok apk.

celebrity star

Chance to Become Celebrity

TikTok is a great platform to become a celebrity. Because, here you can showcase your talent, uniqueness and knowledge about video content. If your video goes viral then they will include your video to the trend video section which is a more watchful section. From that section, people all over the world will watch your video and day by day you will become a public figure. That’s why TikTok is the most relevant and proved way to show your creativity and become a celebrity over a night.

How to Install TikTok Apk on Android?

If you have completed downloading the app. Then you have to install it on your Android phone. The installation process is easy as other apps. Please follow the step by step process for TikTok installation:

#1 Download the TikTok apk file from our site. You can also download the TikTok app from Google Play Store.

#2 Then you have to make sure that your device allows unknown sources to install apps. You can enable it by going Settings > Security option.

allow unknown sources to install app

#3: Then install the TikTok apk file normally as like as other apps.

#4: After being installed, open the TikTok app.

tiktok app login screen

#5: Then login to your TikTok account if you have any existing account. Otherwise, sign up with your email or phone number for opening a new TikTok account.

TikTok App Installation Video Tutorial

Is The TikTok Apk Safe to Download?

If you are thinking about the TikTok apk is safe to download or not, then you have to consider two things. First, is your download link or source is trusted? And Second, is your source providing you a correct apk file of the malware injected apk file? If you are downloading your apk file from trusted sources like Google Play Store or IOS app store, then you should not be worried about the safety of the apk file. But your source is not trusted, then you have to investigate first and then you can download that file. And when you are downloading your TikTok apk file from trusted sources, then there has no chance to get any malware infected app. It’s all about of your source. If your source is trusted and loyal then download TikTok apk on your phone is safe.

TikTok Apk – Amazing Android App for Short Videos

tiktok short videos

TikTok apk is the world recognized short video sharing app. This is not just a video sharing app, this is also a video making & editing app. Its users can make their own video and edit by using its amazing features. TikTok apk is providing so many unique and creative features like emojis, music clips, stickers to take your videos to the next level. There have some free editing tools by which you can cut, trim and duplicate you’re your videos. By using this app, you will get a good collection of dance, funny, romantic, sports and other thousands of videos. Simply I can say that its a full entertainment package for you.

TikTok apk is a source of entertainment, its help us to get rid of our boring life, our work stress and make us laugh and happy. This is an ultimate platform for the video content creators to show their uniqueness and talent to the world. This app can quickly pick your choice and show your desired & favorite videos. If you want to capture your favorite and memorable moment, the TikTok apk is the best way you can use. TikTok apk have accumulated millions of music clips which can adapt to all ages of users. The Live streaming feature has become very popular today. Because, TikTok is continuously updating their designs. Every user can become a creator on TikTok and become a celebrity over a night.

In this content we try to discuss about the TikTok apk and its key features. And we have also provided the download link and installation process also. We can ensure you that this TikTok apk file is totally virus free. If you have anything to ask, please ask in the comment box.


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