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Unique Apps for Android

Unique Apps for Android have taken place in the modern world. All Android users use so many apps on their smartphone. Most of them are old category apps. We are getting tired of using some kind of old apps on our phone. There have millions of Android app you can find in the Google Play Store. All of them are differently categorized. But those categories also becoming old. Today Android users want new feature and new apps for their Android phone. They want some unique app along with so many unique features. That’s why Google Play Store is updating and developing their app store with unique apps. By which users can do some unique task. Nowadays, users want to fulfill their needs in a simple way.

So, they also want unique apps which they can use in fulfilling some unique task in a simple way. In this article we will discuss about some Unique Apps for Android. Which becoming more popular in the world.

Unique Apps for Android in 2019

Unique Android Apps



We all know that Samsung mobile phone has a pretty and smart feature naming ‘Smart Stay’. This feature will allow to prevent the screen from turning off when you are reading something. It is very annoying, when you are reading something on your phone but your phone screen turning off after some certain minutes or seconds. You have to turn on your screen more and more after some minutes. It is a troublesome task for us. That’s why Google Play Store includes an app in their app store called ‘KinScreen’. This app will help you to turn on your smartphone’s screen when you are reading something on your phone. This app detects your face by your front camera and make sure itself, whether your eyes are turned on or not. If your eyes are turned on then it will prevent your screen from turning off.


In the modern age text message has created an evolution all over the world. At present we feel very comfortable to send a text message rather than a phone call. Nowadays, our communication system becomes mostly text based. That’s why, now we need an app which will help us to express our entire feeling by a simple text. There is an app called ‘TextStates’. If we use this app to diagnose our text messages those we sent and received, it will show a statistic about which word we used mostly at the time to send and receive messages. This app will provide us some percentage about those words we have used mostly. By using this app, we can change our using word easily.

SlipStream Music

Every human being is different from each other in this world. That’s why everyone has their own interest and own taste. For that reason, there have a huge diversity among peoples. Everyone uses a different smartphone, so everyone has their own music library. It is not mandatory to like the same music for all. That’s why we all have a different music library. It is very difficult and annoying task to share one’s music library with others. Suppose, you throw a party and select some music for this. Suddenly, you realize your choice was wrong. At that time, you can share anyone’s music library by this app.

Easy Copy

Nowadays, we use copy and paste option several times in a day. We copy our text by tapping the text we want to copy and select the range of how many words we want to copy. And then we need to open another app, where we want to paste our text. This is very troublesome for us. But if we use ‘Easy Copy’ apps to copy and paste our text, this app will help us to do this job in an easy way. By using this app, we can send out a text to the other app, which will work as copy and paste together. This is very simple and smart way to copy our texts.


Are you feeling very boring? Feeling lonely? Or just want to chat with someone? Then A-Bot is a perfect app for you. Nowadays, we are becoming very lonely, amount of our friends is declining day by day. So that, we feel very boring and lonely at most of the time. A-Bot app is ready to communicate with you at 24/7 with thousands of friends. There have three options by which you can ask something and it will answer your question more logically. And you can chat with someone at any time you want.

App Chat

With the ‘App Chat’ technology have created a buzz in the modern world. At present, we all have installed so many chatting apps in our smartphone. It is not possible to use all apps together at one time. For that reason, we use a different app at different time. But App Chat has made this difficult task easy. By using this app, you can select all of your installed chatting app. And then, you can find your all chatting app in one place, from here you can use your all chatting app at the same time.

Five Wallpaper

In our smartphone, when we swipe our home screen, it changes the menu but not the wallpaper. This is the oldest feature of our Android phone. Sometime we feel very boring with one wallpaper in our phone. We cannot use more than one wallpaper together. That’s why, there is an app naming ‘Five Wallpaper’ have launched with our desired feature. By using this app, we can use more than one wallpaper together. This app will change our wallpaper when will swipe our home screen and change our menu.

Conclusion – You Should Use Those Unique Apps for Android

If we feel so bored with our existing apps and searching for Apps for Android. Then you can use above unique apps. We can ensure you that, by using those apps you will never feel bored. All of those apps will provide you some new experiences. And those will take your technological knowledge to the next level. So, download these apps and enjoy some many unique features of these.

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